Joachim Friedrich 57

A blend of historical grandeur and modern luxury, nestled in Berlin’s esteemed Wilmersdorf district



Joachim-Friedrich-Strasse 57/57a, Seesener Strasse 17



Purchase Price

From €3,308 / m²




44 m² - 390 m²


2 to 4

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Situated in the pulsating heart of Berlin-Wilmersdorf, a mere whisper away from the iconic Ku’Damm, Joachim-Friedrich Strasse 57 opens the gates to an unparalleled real estate journey. From practical floor plans to exquisite period details such as mosaic and herringbone parquet flooring, high ceilings, and authentic wooden windows, the property captures the essence of classic Berlin architecture.

Historical Grandeur

30 pre-war apartments echoing the opulence of Berlin's architectural marvels. From elegant original designs to sun-kissed balconies and well-lit bathrooms, luxury becomes a standard. Revel in the charm of high ceilings, authentic parquet flooring, and classic wooden box double windows.

Community and Comfort

A serene courtyard, complete with bicycle parking spaces, offers an urban oasis in the midst of the city.


Prime Location

Located just a heartbeat away from the iconic Kurfürstendamm boulevard, Joachim-Friedrich-Strasse immerses you in Berlin's finest. Dive into local wonders like the expansive Großer Tiergarten Park, the historic Charlottenburg Palace, and the tranquil Grunewald forest — all just a stroll away from this central jewel.

  • Nestled in the esteemed Wilmersdorf district.
  • A culinary paradise with diverse gastronomic delights.
  • Top-tier schools within close reach.
  • The famed Kurfürstendamm within a leisurely walk.
  • Seamless connectivity with superior transportation links.

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Apartment List

ID Unit Location Rooms Size (m²) Status Price (€)
8 WE01 Ground Floor 3 78 Rented 329,000
9 WE03 Ground Floor 2 55 Vacant 349,000
10 WE05 Ground Floor 3 84 Vacant 549,000
11 WE06 Ground Floor 3 93 Rented 399,000
12 WE07 1st Floor 3 75 Rented 315,000
13 WE12 1st Floor 4 115 Rented 535,000
14 WE13 2nd Floor 3 76 Vacant 499,000
15 WE17 3rd Floor 3 91 Rented 415,000
16 WE19 3rd Floor 3 76 Rented 315,000
17 WE23 3rd Floor 3 92 Rented 415,000
Location Rooms Size (m²) Status Price (€)