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Our Latest Projects

Hansastr. 16-22

38TG Friedrich-Franz-Str 25

Tempelhof - From €100,000

Joachim Friedrich 57

Wilmersdorf - €315,000 to €549,000

Isoldestrasse 1

Wilmersdorf - €475,000 to €890,000

About Us

Inspiration Group is a real estate investment firm that operates privately, with its headquarters situated in Berlin. Acting as both a portfolio manager and developer, the company has been channeling investments into residential and commercial properties within Germany since 2009. Initially concentrating on the Berlin property market, Inspiration Group has expanded its operations to encompass various regions across Germany. As of now, the company has successfully conducted transactions worth around 500 million euros. In a streamlined and efficient collaboration with its partners and co-investors, Inspiration Group swiftly identifies lucrative investment prospects without any red tape. With a dedicated team of 30 professionals working in-house, the company manages acquisitions, oversees project development, and conducts asset management. Currently, the real estate portfolio of Inspiration Group spans across Germany and holds a value close to 200 million euros.

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