29TG Furstenwalde

A secure investment with an experienced real estate entrepreneur designed to deliver secure annual returns and capital growth

  • 22 Buildings
  • 317 residential apartments
  • 30 minutes from Berlin
  • Annual income payments to investors
  • Investments starting at €100,000

The Background

Berlin has experienced ten years of exceptional growth fuelled by a strong economy, an increase in populaton and a housing shortage. Experts predict that Berlin will continue to experience further increases based on the strong fundamentals of the market.

The rise of Berlin has resulted in population growth and favourable investment conditions in Berlin’s neighbouring cities. Following a rigorous analysis of the opportunities around Berlin we have identified a secure investment in the city of Fürstenwalde which will provide investors with yearly income and capital appreciation.

The Investment

Inspiration Group has established 29TG, a limited partnership and invites qualified investors to jointly purchase 22 buildings spread over 6 blocks comprising of 317 residential units.

Inspiration Group will manage the project with the aim of achieving the targets in the business plan.

Why invest in this project?

This project offers a perfect combination of security and growth potential.

Inspiration Group has secured the assets at a price below market value. The current income from the assets is already at an excellent level with opportunity for increases in the future. The combination of these two factors provides extraordinary levels of security for an investor.

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Berlin is not only affordable with strong year-on-year growth, real estate is significantly undervalued, priced at 50% of the value of similar properties in Munich and 70% below the value of properties in London and Paris.











Average annual growth of purchase prices in Berlin


€5,525 / m²


€10,068 / m²


€10,547 / m²


€13,270 / m²

Average price per m² of city centre real estate


The city of Fürstenwalde is primed for growth as a result of increases in prices and rents in Berlin and the ongoing housing shortage. 

Located only two train stations away from Berlin and surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is the perfect location for commuters.

The city is one of fifteen regional growth cores of the state of Brandenburg and home to several major companies including tyre manufacture Goodyear Dunlop and the real estate developer Bonova.

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