The Adlershof Effect: Germany’s science and technology centre bursting with innovation, creativity and investment

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Investing in Adlershof could be an investment as creative and innovative as the area itself, smart investors are taking advantage of the technology and science location in the south eastern district of Germany's capital

Berlin’s Adlershof district, located in the south eastern part of the city, is no stranger to innovation with a track record spanning over 200 years. The birthplace of Germany’s aviation, Adlershof was home to one of Germany’s first airports at the start of the twentieth century. The highly anticipated brand new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is close by and will open its runways in 2020. This new airport will be one of the busiest in Europe with EasyJet, Eurowings and Lufthansa predicted to be the lead carriers. Adlershof has flourished once again in the last 30 years as an investment hotspot and today is the most important science and technology centre in Germany. Nowhere else will you find a higher concentration of science, technology and media businesses.

The district is home to the Humboldt University of Berlin and world class non-university research centres. It has hosted a number of famous residents including the head of Germany’s government, Angela Merkel, who once studied and worked at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin’s Adlershof. The Humboldt University of Berlin, which opened in 1810, has a glowing global reputation and is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe. Today it is a pioneer in higher education with universities around the world adopting its model for a close relationship between teaching and research. Albert Einstein was a professor at the university and other famous alumni include Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, composer Felix Mendelssohn, theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, novelist Alfred Döblin and twenty-nine Nobel prize winners. Today the Humboldt University is a leader in science and research and so it is no surprise that the university attracts over 30,000 full time education students from around the world.

The area is attractive to investors and businesses who are persuaded by the unity between science, the economy and a fully developed infrastructure. The city centre of Berlin can easily be reached via the motorway and S-Bahn making it a trouble free traffic destination. In 2015, Irish real estate developers Bagnall Doyle MacMahon and a group of investors bought a 113-bedroom hotel in Adlershof for €5 million with equity of €1.6 million. The hotel will be converted into student accommodation and has returned a 500% gross return for the investors who sold the building in 2018 for €15 million. 

The neighbouring building belongs to Allianz who opened their European headquarters in September 2018, taking a whopping 60,000 m² (645,840 SqFt) space to operate its business from with 2,700 employees. The Adlershof Technology Park is spread across 4,2 square kilometres making it one of the biggest science parks worldwide. The park is home to over 1,000 businesses and organisations active in the fields of renewable energy, biotechnology, nanotechnology, fabrication and the optical industry. Start-ups are flocking to Adlershof and it’s easy to see why when the dedicated Adlershof Business Incubators offer start-ups flexible terms on duration of tenancy, size and rent cost in their multifunctional spaces spreading across 18,000 square metres.  

Adlershof is highly affordable for residents attracting a mix of students, young professionals and families who are benefiting from the increasing number of shopping amenities, restaurants and bars along with excellent medical facilities and child day care facilities. The real estate and property market in Germany’s capital Berlin offers investors the stability of scale. Average city centre prices are still 40-50% below comparable cities like Munich and Paris and despite growing over 100% in the past 10 years, Berlin remains one of the most dynamic property markets in Europe. Growth in the city is driven by extremely strong fundamentals, a fast growing economy and high population growth with over 40,000 new residents each year and property vacant rates at >1%.  

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Inspiration Asia

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